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+APH+Albania new Profile by funkitty +APH+Albania new Profile by funkitty
EDIT: due to some flaws and complaints with the bio and history i will be revising and rewriting her history abit because there are a few thing that i haven't metioned and left out. if anyone who is albanian, happened offending by her personality/history then i'm sorry i will be keeping her personality the same. i want you all to know that i took a lot of time and research to put to together her personality and it wasn't there to offend anyone or degrade your culture/country, so i'm sorry if her personality did offend you in anyway.

well i felt i had to update my character, albania's, bio for lots of reasons.

I mostly changed her hair color, eyes, and bit's of her personally since i felt her old personally was too.... whats the word for it? hmmm....
I also had to change her name sadly because the name i chose was from india not albania *shoot* why am i such a fail at life 
any who i should get start hehe ^^;

Country name: Republic of AlbaniaRepublika e Shqipërisë
Name: Alyx Skyrah
Human age: 19
sex: female
Language(s): Albanian (main language) 
*new* hair color: dark brown
*new* eye color: light brown
height: 5ft,2in


Albania is old country with a young and childish sprite and strong traditional morals. Albania believes that beauty is very important and makes absolutely sure she looks perfect before leaving the house; She also likes to be up to date with the latest fashion. stunning as she may always look, she is a hard person to approach since she is a bit conceited, self centered, and down right rude some times.

She's a very out going person and just likes being seen in general. she's often goes to the club, shopping (whether it's shopping for clothes or groceries), just walk around town when she has nothing better to do, or she'll bother Greece (since she secretly loves his company).

Albania is a fairly weak country and is very dependent on other countries to protect her. 

She takes tradition very seriously and get angry when people don't respect her traditional ways.

Albania is very intelligent girl and uses her wits and negotiation skills to out smart her enemy's and get lighter punishments. 


Albania  didn't start off as a prosperous country and was quiet undeveloped compared to other countries. In WWII Albania's home was attacked by Italy and with in one day all the ports of Albania where taken over and she quickly surrendered, seeing that she was not only poorly equip but also not prepared. She didn't hate Italy for invading her home but she did ignore him a bit and refused to talk to him nor his brother. Her home was soon over run with Nazi's and became a communist state. Italy freed Albania after Greece persuaded them to let her go but when Italy was about to tell her that Greece helped her. 

six years after getting her freedom, she joined the soviet union and the communist party. She was getting better acquitted with Russia and seemed to become great friends. Albania didn't seemed to pull her weight and China had make up for a lot of the things she didn't do. Soon Russia began to spread rumors about Albania and unstead of getting sad about it, She actually was the first person to cuss out russia and flipped him off in the process. Russia apologized and just when things started to get better, Russia declared war on Czechoslovakia. Albania told Russia to "go fuck yourself" and left the Soviet Union only to be pulled into isolation. Her boss was worried that Russia or an other country may try to invade the country.

After the isolation, Albania stride for more communication and to fixed the relationship between her Greece and Yugoslavia since it appeared to be broken at that time.

Relations (in historical order):

Albania's mother, Albania doesn't remember much about her mother she can only assume that she is very nice.

Albania lived with him for a while and since she was a bit older, she took care of Italy and Romano and served as a maid to them. She didn't really talk to Rome since he kind of creep her out with all the sex and fight talk but she respected him for being a good grandfather to This two grand sons.  

Italy brothers:
Albania was thrilled to take care of children since she had a love for them any way. Albania served as a maid for them but The brothers saw her as a mother figure and often called her mom. After Rome took Italy to see the world she was left with Romano and took care him for a short time period until she was sent away to the Bulgarian Empire. many many years later she found out that she was related to Romano but strangely enough not to Italy.

Ottomen Empire:
Albania was fond and talked to him often. at the time she was strongly influenced by him and wanted to be just powerful as him which lead to her stride for freedom. now she's enjoys his company and often wishes that he would stop by more often.

She spent most of her life with and while under Ottomen Empire rule. She relied on him a lot and thought of him as a big brother type even though she is older then him. They were really good friends and even lived together at one point. Albania slowly fell for him but was somewhat conflicted so she moved out. their communication got awkward and their relations got bad. their bosses were eager to renew their realations so they signed a friendship(or in other words the friend zone) treaty(….

(more research needed)

(continuing to reasearch)

United states:
Albania Adored america and his home so when she finally meant him for the first time, they hit it off and became great friends. she's ver supportive with america's decisions(….  


-> Loves folk Music and usually listens to it while cooking just simply relaxing.

-> Keeps her house clean at all times

-> Secretly misses Greece's company and visit's him often even though a lot of the time's he claim's that he doesn't what her there.

->Romano and Albania are both associated with the mafia.

-> She has a pet eagle named yellow.
(more later...)

FUCK! this took a long time oh my god!!! well any way this is the new bio for Albania. I know no ones going to read but i'll just leave it just in case i guess..... i'm hungry......
(i may have misspelled something or if i'm inaccurate about something then don't be afraid to tell me)
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kreshnik2000 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
Sooooo why don't you tell us how much she loves Kosovo and how much she want's to be with Her/Him together,or how Kosovo was stolen from her by Serbia ?
The drawing is amazing but the part where you said that it steals from you so watch out it kinda didn't feel right.
But anyhow 
Great drawing. :)
funkitty Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
hmm that's very interesting, although from my research it seemed that kosovo and albania weren't on good terms but i could be wrong. i saw that on your profile that you are from albania and if you could, can you tell me more about albania and kosovo relations, i'm really interested. and yeah alot of people get offended when they see albania's personality and i really didn't mean to offend anyone and i'm sorry if i offended you. i made her personality base on stereotypes and tourist experiences, the stealing thing was a stereotype and i can't remove it but i will write in the description that i made mistake for putting that. and really thank you for your input i really appropriate it.
kreshnik2000 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
Yeaaah... I'm not actually from Albania but from Kosovo,but Kosovo to me counts as Albania.
And sure,the relations between this 2 countries are great they are like brother and sister.
Kosovo back then  used to be part of Albania,but when world war started and when Albania was weak as hell,Serbia came to Kosovo and started slaughtering Albanians and removing them from their homeland,which is why most of Albanians moved to Turkey and other states. Also don't forget during this war between Serbia and Kosovo Albania helped Kosovo a lot it gave them weapons and food etc.
But Serbia finally got Kosovo but later Nato interfered and Took Serbia out of Kosovo by bombing them,then Kosovo got to be an indepedent  state. Now Serbia says that Kosovo is Serbia bla bla bla, But still Kosovo is populated mostly by Albanians like 98%.
Kosovo is an Albanian territory! Long Live Great Albania!

And don't worry you didn't offend me,and I might suggest something,you gotta get some help from someone who knows english so you can spell better,no offense! Just saying.( I'm not saying I'm good at spelling either,so don't get the wrong Idea)
-Good day
funkitty Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thats good, the last thing i want to do is offend anyone :>. That's really fascinating, actually would you mind if i added this bit of history, you provided to me, to albania's profile? i'll make sure to give you credit for helping me >v>.

XD lol i'm so embarrassed. Actually english is my mother language, i just have problem with sentences and i also make a lot of mistakes so yeah i do need some help, thankyou for being honest though.
kreshnik2000 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
Haha,of course you can.

And don't worry about it,you don't need to be embarrassed,a lot of people can't even speak their own language,you'll get better in time.

And I'm glad that you don't want to offend anyone,you're a pretty cool Guy/Girl.

-Good luck on future projects. 
BelalindaY Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  New member
First of all her name is not albanian something like (Shpresa or Iliria or Teuta are albanian names). Second We albanians hate Greece  and are more friendly with the " Ottomen Empire " . I really like her as a character (you are very good at drawing) . 
And we are not in the mafia -.- and we have our own cooking.

funkitty Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i'm sorry if i offended you >m>. some of the facts and personality do spin off from stereotypes ((most characters personalities on heatalia are stereotypes)) and i'm sorry about her country name, when i was doing research for albania, the names that you stated were there but i didn't not acknowledge them, i am sorry for that. i will change it in the bio.also the friendly thing with greece was placed there from the treaty that was made between them and the hating Ottamen Empire(turkey) thing was a stereotype that i found. i know that albanians are not in the mafia but this one is also a stereotype and the cooking thing is whole different story. when i was doing researches for the country i didn't really find any native cuisine so if you know of any then can you tell me >w> thank you for telling me about my mistakes.
greenemerald200 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Student General Artist

I honestly really like her character! Plus, I like her clothes a lot, and her hair and eyes! //such a striking coincidence, since I am from Albanian origins and I have almost the same hair and eyes as your OC ^^//

Keep it up! ^_^
funkitty Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thank you so much Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Happy Dance) V6  i'm so glad you like my oc >v<
MCRichGuy Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
Just a fact.Albania's population is %70 Islam and %30 christian
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